Title: Phineas Gage

Author: John Fleischman

Genre: Non-Fiction/ Biography

            Phineas Gage, a railroad worker had a horrible accident in the 1800’s that lead to discoveries of the brain.  He was a foreman who survived an explosive accident despite having a gory brain injury.  Phineas made a “complete recovery” and went on to travel the world and have many jobs.  His injury changed him forever, but helped people prove what they know about the brain.

            In the story, Phineas Gage the theme was if he was lucky or not.  John Fleischman, the author of this book thought Phineas was lucky, but I don’t think he was so fortunate. He was unlucky because what are the odds of an iron rod shooting through your head.  My view of luck is when something that is positive and rare happens to someone, and that defiantly didn’t happen to Phineas Gage that day when he was working on the railroad.

            I thought this book was very interesting, but some parts were very slow because there was a lot of facts that I think were unnecessary, but I still really enjoyed it.  Especially the narrative parts, because they drew a perfect picture in my head while I was reading.  My rating of this book is three and a half stars because it was not exactly the type of book I would read.  I would recommend this book to many middle school aged kids because it talks very precise about the brain and is very descriptive.